U Bass Baritone BSMH30

//U Bass Baritone BSMH30
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Project Description

(Last Updated On: 八月 23, 2018)
Model No. BSMH30
Item Name  Baritone U Bass
Size 30 inche,Baritone
Top Material  Mahogany
Body and side   Mahogany
Machine Head BK Chrome Plated
Neck &Fingerboard Okoume & Rosewood/Sythenic wood optional
Color NS
Lead Time 35-45 days
Payment Term T/T,Paypal,Western Union
Shipping Port Shenzhen/ Guangzhou
Color 1 year

Does your business searching for a supplier of high quality  acoustic guitar ? height musical instrument is a wholesale factory of many middle-end ukulele series,such as soprano,concert 23″ ukulele,tenor 26″ ukulele and baritone  U bass ,30″ ukulele and ukulele bag ect. ect.

Tolerance 94%
Hardness 82%
Endurance 98%

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