6 Tips to learn about board games

//6 Tips to learn about board games

6 Tips to learn about board games

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6 Tips to learn about board games

If you are first time or never playing board games,you may have several questions about board games . Here we have 6 tips to descripe what is a board game ? how many kinds of board games ? And we will recommend the most popular board games to you. Besides ,we will guide you where to buy the games.

I.Overview for board games

Board games are referred to as board games or BG, and are derived from the English BoardGame.
Board games originated in Germany and have been popular in Europe and the United States for decades. Due to the face-to-face gameplay, the emphasis is on communication, so it is suitable for a variety of occasions such as family leisure, friends gathering, and even business leisure. Most of the board games use paper materials and exquisite model assistance, and the content involved is very wide, including war, trade, culture, art, urban construction, history and other topics, plus the fun of the rule design to the maximum extent It promoted the interactive participation of players and became the most popular social networking activity for friends.

II. The characteristics of board games

No plug-in, no need for electronic equipment is the biggest feature of board games over video games. The best state of playing games is the direct contact between people and people. They communicate with each other, and the board game players face each other, communicate through expressions, language and body, so it is very suitable for friends and family gatherings, with a more pure and more fun game.
1. The game is usually designed to be multiplayer, usually for 2-8 people, and the game time in one game is usually 0.5-3 hours.
2. The rules of the game are simple and easy to understand, even children aged 8-12 can master. On the other hand, the game requires a lot of tactical strategies, making the game equally attractive to adults.
3. The theme of the game involves history, economy, war, culture, art, urban construction and other aspects. The game rules are designed to be fun and interesting, giving the participants the wonderful experience of being immersed. It is quite different from the game in the traditional game by rolling the number of steps and the random extraction.
4. No participant in the game will be eliminated in the middle of the game. The game usually ends after one or more players reach a certain goal or a certain round.
5. Game design drawing is full of artistic creativity, well-made and meticulous. Make each game a work that the player is happy to collect.
More and more people are facing the computer for 8 hours a day. More and more people choose to live in the virtual network world, but they ignore the face-to-face communication between friends. Now the board game has done it.

III.The classification and recommendation of desktop games

There are many ways to classify table games, including the following:
1, according to the number of players, most games are suitable for 2-4, 3-4, 2-5, 3-5, 2-6, 3-6 people to play, there are quite a few happy games for more than 6 people Play, of course, there are games that can only be played by 2 people and games that support one person to play alone.

2, according to the type of game to divide, there are the following:
1 Joy class: suitable for friends and family gatherings, the game theme is fun and relaxed, requires a little luck and a slight strategy
Happy class entry game recommended:
Jigsaw Puzzles: Carcassonne
Response categories: Cash a Catch, Halli Galli, Jungle Speed
Fun class: Women & Men, Pick Picknic, Pickomino, Cash & Gun

Joy class advanced game recommendation:
Niagara, Manila, Saboteur, Ticket to Ride, Elfenland

2 strategy class: suitable for players who love to think, the game requires players to use reasonable and effective strategies to win
Mild strategy class:
Settlers of Catan, Stone Age, Lost City (Lost cities), Jack the Rip (Mr. Jack), Pandemic

Moderate strategy class:
Puerto Rico, Agricola, Saint Petersburg, Brass, Small World

Advanced strategy class:
War of the Rings, Battle lore, Through the ages, Twilight Struggle (Twilight Struggle two-player game)

IV. from entry to advanced

The board game is very simple, it only needs some game accessories, a rule book, a big table, some people to play with; the board game is not simple, a good game, it needs to interact with people, need to brain. There have been tens of thousands of different games in the table games. There are simple games for infants and toddlers. To a very complicated war game that needs to play N reincarnations, you can say that everything is all right. As long as you like to play games, almost all of them can be played. Find the type you like.

Easy and unburdened introductory game
If you don’t know how to start with the big game of the board game, or worry that the rules are too complicated and difficult to learn, you can start with joy, reaction, and puzzle games. For example: UNO card, German heart disease, Da Vinci code, Lame (Israel Mahjong), quail eggs, running ghosts and so on.

UNO: It is a card game that originated in Europe and is popular in the world. It was invented by Merle Robbins in 1971 and is now produced by the game company Mattel. The UNO card means “1” in Spanish and Italian. Because of the rules of the game, when the player has only one card left, he must call out the “UNO card”, hence the name. When UNO cards were introduced into China, they were named “Yunuo”. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of pronunciation. The correct pronunciation of UNO cards is “Uno”, not “Yunuo”.
The UNO brand has been popular all over the world for decades. It is known as the most fun card game in the world. It is easy to learn and does not need to use any brains. It is suitable for people of all ages. The most tested in this game is concentration and reaction, as well as mutual thinking.

German Heart Disease: This board game compares the player’s responsiveness. Simple cards, simple fruits, and simple numbers add up to the fun of board games in the fast-responding stimuli.

Laim: It consists of 13 numbers x4 colors x two groups + two hundred cards with a total of 106 cards. The rules of the game are simple: each player starts to randomly draw 14 of these cards and the rest face down to the field. Players take turns playing the game, and each time they turn to themselves, the player must play or abstain, and then touch a card from the central deck. The principle of playing cards in the game is to make a set of cards in the field. The deck has two forms: 1. A flush (three or four cards of different colors but the same number) 2. A straight (three or more colors are the same) Continuous number).

Entry classic
If you’ve already begun to succumb to the fun of board games, try these two models, Kaka to Carcassonne and Catalan Settlers of Catan. These two models may be the best-selling table games in the world except for Monopoly. There are also a variety of derivative games and extensions. Kaka is relatively simple. Catan Island is a bit more complicated, but it is still simple, and There are not too many language barriers. I believe that as long as there are friends in the 5-6 grades of elementary school, they can learn as long as they have the heart.

Catan Island: A random and variable map of the island, the player decides which resource to produce by throwing dice points. Through the collection of resources, trading to build cities, roads to win points.

Kaka: Puzzles and placement of their own “Mibao” (follow-up) to capture castles, roads, farmland, temples, etc. to score.

Further light strategy games
If you want to play more games, it is recommended that you start playing with such games. The difficulty is probably between the above two rules book will not exceed 10 pages. Such as ticket trips, Manila, Xiaobai Century, modern art, rich city, zombie shopping malls, etc.

Ticket journey: A relatively simple railway game, easy to use, but also requires certain tactical. It will take the player on a brand new train to start the adventure. By collecting and playing the corresponding hand, the railway between the cities specified in the mission is connected. The game has different versions in Europe, North America and Germany.

Manila: Speculation, transportation, and interest are all content of the game Manila. It is a strategic game for 3 to 5 people. In the game, the purpose of the players is to complete the transportation of goods along the coastline and to obtain benefits through investment. When the player is planning for his own success, the unknown fate is determined by the blind man.

Zombie Mall: Six areas, randomly join zombies, but the area has a population ceiling, where do you flee? When the number of zombies exceeds the number of people, someone will die. Vote now, draw opponents to send others to feed zombies, or use props to escape, hide, and destroy zombies. A strategy game that gangs and gangs.

Modern art: an auction-like game. The player takes turns to auction the paintings, and the paintings that have been successfully auctioned for each round are then sold to the bank according to the ranking price. A player with the right investment and the most money wins.

Moderately heavy strategy game
After playing the above games, do you still have a slight shortcoming in your heart, feel that something is missing? Your intuition is right…. The real classics of German games are here – strategy games, ranked in BGG The top 100 games, except for other real-world war games, are mostly strategy games. This part is the real classic of table games, and it can bring real fun to the players. Such as: power network, Puerto Rico, farmers, territories, songs of ice and fire, copper, Kailuth, two rivers, railway tycoons.

Power network: With the urban power grid as the carrier, its limited resources are power generation materials such as coal, oil, garbage and so on. The biggest profit and efficiency is to upgrade the power plant and supply electricity to the city with the largest electricity consumption.

Puerto Rico: In the context of the maritime era, the players play the role of Spanish immigrants who travel across the oceans, trying to build their own prosperous colonies on the islands. In this process of establishing a prosperous colony, players can play the roles of pioneers, architects, mayors, merchants, captains, craftsmen, and gold diggers. Their goal is only one: try to win wealth and prestige. They work differently: acquiring resources, building buildings, placing slaves, harvesting products, building back to the motherland to earn points, etc., but the goal is to transport materials back to the motherland through layer-by-layer exploitation. The more materials they receive, the more they return to the home country of Spain. The more resources, the better the king’s love and the glory.

If you have already played to consider playing a war game, you can complete up to 20-hundred pages of original manuals on your own… Please accept me.

V.The place to play board games

In fact, as long as you have the heart, you can easily join the ranks of playing board games:

1. Join various board games groups

At present, there are many large and small board games groups in several big cities and some other places in China. There are clubs and clubs, and they are attached to some restaurants and leisure bars. If you look online, you can always find some groups that you can participate in. You can play board games at a small fee or even without spending money.

2. board game store

With the development of table games in China, many places have been popping up in the world, so that people have a place to play board games in the leisure time, more professional game explanations, more game choices, Relatively more comfortable board game environment. Of course, the fees for board games are relatively higher.

3. School community

In some colleges and universities, there has been a special board game club. You can ask about it in the neighborhood or in the school. Maybe there is such a group around you, and this kind of club is generally autonomous, so there is almost no game. cost.

4. Dating activities

Board games have been introduced to some white-collar dating activities, although the theme is to make friends, but the focus is also a board game.

5. your own small circle

Above, if you are in trouble, you can also buy a board game yourself, call your friends, and have fun together in your spare time.

VI. How to buy a game.

If you are in China, the game can be bought in domestic Taobao, Hong Kong War Chess, Taiwan’s Neuschwanstein.Or if you are out of China, you can buy through Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay or Kickstarter ect. Of course, the board game store now also provides some game sales, helping you save shipping costs, and can see the spot, prevent buying wrong.

The table games are very strange, the first-time friends must be very troubled about what game to buy, because honestly the price of domestic table games is not cheap, because the relationship of imports is often 2-3 times the original foreign price!! Therefore, if your first game doesn’t match your appetite, I believe that you will be dissatisfied with the money, and then you will not continue to contact. This situation is quite a pity, because you are only touching one of the huge icebergs.

VII. Way to storage and carrying your board games.

There are several ways to storage your table top board games.

1. You can choose the ikea bag

This bag is very cheap and can contain many board games,but its not strong enough to hold long time for tabletop games.

2. CleverMade CleverCrates 62 Liter Collapsible Storage Bin/Container

This case is functional as it can be fold,but you need take it by your two hands,so not easy to take. And price not cheap

3.Rothco Canvas Parachute Cargo Bag

This bag is good and easy take ,but cannot hold too much board games.

4.Height Music Board game carrying bag made of oxford.

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